Helping people manage through conflict.

Having dialogue about conflict is the leading principal in effective mediation. It encourages rapport and attentiveness to the other persons perspective and is the foundation of our approach to conflict management, mediation, and training services.
Whether you are a corporate leader looking for support with employee conflict, legal counsel expanding your mediation expertise or addressing family conflict or divorce through mediation, we offer a range of services tailored to meet your specific needs.
“It’s brilliant to feel like I can immediately address a toxic-feeling situation and move it toward useful dialogue.” – Ali Mignone

How Mediation Works

Alternative dispute resolution is a trusted process that initiates a respectful conversation between parties in conflict, explores deeper interests or needs, and empowers clients to build their own options. The mediator is a third party that is neutral, confidential, and helps people build options to satisfy their needs.


Why do people choose mediation?

  • Gives you the power to build your own options
  • Less expensive than litigation
  • Opportunity to repair relationships
  • Timely and Effective
  • Trusted process that is confidential and impartial

Mediation Services

Phoenix Strategies, Inc. offers conflict management and mediation addressing a wide range of services. Navigating through divorce, family disputes and teenage angst or, helping to guide couples through conflict, elder care or workplace mediation, our trained mediation professionals understand that there are two sides of the story and that those stories are complex.
Most services are available virtually.

Mediation Training

Are you a good listener and have the desire to help people that are stuck? Mediation is a rewarding and upcoming career that is needed in all sectors of our world. Supporting families struggling with disputes, divorce, community and business facilitation, consumer and corporate negotiation; mediation offers a flexible schedule, work from home option and minimal start-up overhead.

Phoenix Strategies, Inc. training is approved  and regulated by the Department of Higher Education, Private Occupational School Board.

Course Curriculum

Beginning your mediation career or advancing your CLE’s, Phoenix Strategies Inc. offers a broad array of courses to meet both your interests and advanced business requirements. To learn more, explore our broad selection of available courses.


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Providing valuable information to help you in understanding mediation; we have compiled a collection of resources that may help you in determining if mediation is right for you, timely and relevant articles and our latest calendar of course offerings.

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17th Annual Conflict Resolution Conference

The Cross Sections of Conflict

October 20, 2022 8:45am – 3:00pm

Presented via Zoom

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Considering mediation, is the art of listening, hearing and finding a place where you find a sense of peace.

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Resources: Get our model detailed information about the mediation training certification process offered by Phoenix Strategies Inc. and the requirements needed to become a certified mediator.

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